Sound-A-Speech 8.5: Sound-A-Speech (SAS) administers  and re-plays Jingles in an easy manner.

Sound-A-Speech 8.5

Sound-A-Speech (SAS) is FREEWARE and re-plays Jingles in an easy manner. All WAV-, WMA-, RMI-, MP3- or MID-Files may be used as Jingles and are assigned to the 75 buttons of the `Maschine` by Drag and Drop. The Jingles are replayed by simply clicking on the appropriate button. Sound-A-Speech comes with 2 interfaces - the `big engine` has 75 buttons and the `small engine` has 15 buttons. Sound-A-Speech is not opted to be a "must have" bussiness so

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cMail eXpress 1.5.3: Familiar interface with support for multiple accounts and featuring SpamShootout

cMail eXpress 1.5.3

cMail eXpress can be used as a simple e-mail checker program or as a full-blown e-mail client. Fast, multi-threaded with a low memory usage, cMail eXpress works great on any computer that runs Windows 98 and up, and also takes advantage of Windows Vista features. Supports most internet service provider e-mail accounts as well as some web accounts (GMail, Yahoo bussiness or Plus accounts). Protocols: POP3, SMTP with SSL. Featuring SpamShootout!

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